Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver

Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver

Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver makes you feel like a child again
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Are you looking for a different kind of screensaver?
Are you bored with all those beautiful landscapes and complex animations?
Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver makes you feel like a child again.

This unique screensaver will make you remember your childhood years and the drawings that you loved most.
Do you want to sit down and relax without having to really distinguish the details of a landscape?
Do you want something really simple but different?
Then you will be delighted with this one.
You will be shown a cartoon-like kitten and a beautiful butterfly.

The kitten is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. It reminded me of those cats made with circles and a tail, but this one is perfect.
It is a black little cat sitting motionless under a spotlight.
The cat itself has all the requirements to make your heart shrink and just feel that you want to hug him real tight.
His eyes are so, I don’t know, sad, puzzled, surprised, amazed? And so are his whiskers.

The blue butterfly is sitting right on the cat’s head, making the cat look totally confused.
As soon as the butterfly starts to fly around, the cat looks at her and follows her all around the place, changing to cute expressions all the time.
All this, accompanied by nice music, will make the Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver one of your favorites.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful and relaxing
  • It will attract attention


  • It might get boring after a while,
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